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Mobile City Guides

Viajeros.com ; Despegar.com
Android ; iOS

Deliver state of the art city guides for different destinations. The guides should run almost always offline, but should allow to interact online to post reviews, synchronize personalized contents, etc

Experience will be almost 100% offline so users can enjoy them while roaming abroad. Should get the information from different services on Viajeros´ backend for content & Despegar´s backend for hotel´s information. Should include an offline map library. 

We´ve built a script to process all data from Viajeros´ & Despegar´s backend, inject images, process maps and compile everything into native iOS and Android applications. The script allows to generate city guides for different destinations almost automatically.

We´ve delivered the best city guides available across Latam, with more than 20 different destinations in 2 different languages (Spanish & Portuguese).

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Mobile City Guides